What is the Tools in the WordPress Admin?

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In the WordPress administrative interface, you’ll find a section labeled “Tools” on the sidebar. This area is dedicated to facilitating certain specialized management activities. Every WordPress setup comes standard with a trio of options within this tab.

WordPress Tools in WordPress Admin

At the top of the list is the “Available Tools” option. This includes a handy bookmarklet known as Press This, which streamlines the process of creating and sharing posts via a browser bookmark. Additionally, you’ll find a utility that converts categories into tags, accessible through the Tools Import Screen.

Diving deeper into the Tools menu, you’ll encounter the Import and Export options situated just below the Available Tools.

These functionalities are designed to facilitate the transfer of content between WordPress and other platforms. The Import feature includes scripts for bringing in data from various Content Management Systems, such as Blogger, Movable Type, or even another WordPress site. Simply select and install the appropriate script to begin transferring your content. The previously mentioned category-to-tag conversion tool is also located here.

Conversely, the Export function is your go-to for moving WordPress content out in an XML format, known as WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR. This file will encapsulate your posts, comments, custom fields, and taxonomies like categories and tags. Exporting is an excellent strategy for backing up your site’s content.