Review: Excellent Affiliate Plugin for Niche Sites

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Niche sites require affiliate tables, making them essential. This review thoroughly examines the features of, including screenshots, advantages, disadvantages, and frequently asked questions.

Comparison tables play a critical role in affiliate websites, as they significantly enhance clickthrough rates and ultimately lead to increased revenues. For website flippers, it is highly advantageous to identify purchasable sites that lack comparison tables in articles with commercial intent, like buying guides and product reviews. Capitalizing on this opportunity involves acquiring such a site, integrating tables, and optimizing revenue generation.

Numerous plugins available can assist with this issue. However, a considerable number of these choices lack user-friendliness, which can be overwhelming for beginners. Luckily, there is a simple alternative called Affiliatable. In this comprehensive review, I delve deep into the features of this product, providing actual screenshots, highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages, and addressing common inquiries.

Let’s get into it! Review: At A Glance

affiliatable review

What is is a SaaS (software as a service) that allows you to easily create beautiful, high-converting elements such as comparison tables, top 3 boxes, product boxes, pros and cons boxes, and rating boxes.

The tool is developed by WildTech company, a bunch of guys with a background in affiliate marketing.

Process Before…

Without Affiliatable, you must use multiple plugins to achieve the same result. This isn’t always a big deal for experienced affiliate marketers who already have their setups. Still, it can be a big struggle for beginners and less experienced guys in our industry.

To start, you have to find the correct plugins. Then you pay for them, hoping they’re good ones. Once you’re in, you are usually lost because most of these plugins aren’t very user-friendly.

So, you spend a lot of time fine-tuning everything to get it exactly as you want. Often, you even have to use custom CSS to achieve the results you want, too.

Let’s be honest. It can be a big struggle.

Process After

With Affiliatable, the process is much easier and more user-friendly. You register into the service, connect your Amazon account, and you can start creating nice, beautiful conversion elements immediately—no coding is required.

How Does Work?

Affiliatable is, in fact, a straightforward product. You create an element in their website application, generate code, and put that code to your post or page where you want to show the element.

The steps you have to take when you’re beginning with this service are:

1. Register a new account

It’s an easy, straightforward registration process. You can do it here.

2. Subscribe to the service

To get access to every feature, you need to have a subscription. The pricing is very reasonable, and you can choose three options. 

First is an unlimited monthly subscription for $19. You can connect as many sites (Amazon IDs) as you want. 

The second is an annual, limited subscription for $39/year. You can create unlimited elements but connect to only one site.

The third is an unlimited annual subscription for $89/year. You can create unlimited elements and connect as many sites as you want.

image 13

3. Connect your site (Amazon ID)

You must create a new site with your Amazon Associates API to use the Amazon Associates program. Click “Sites” in the menu and then the “Add” button.

image 14

4. Add base code to your site

Next, you must add the base code at the bottom of the header section, just above the </head> tag. This simple JavaScript base code automatically fetches the newest CSS file from Affiliatable’s servers.

Don’t worry. The script is lightweight and served via CDN, so it won’t slow down your site. You can find the code in your dashboard.

For a tutorial on how to add the base code, check out the official guide. If you use the GeneratePress theme, I recommend you use the Hook element.

image 15

5. Start designing your elements

The fun part is that you can start creating all the elements you want! You can find the exact process of creating and designing new elements below. Elements and Features

Affiliatable currently has five elements you can use;

  • Comparison tables
  • Top 3 boxes
  • Product boxes
  • Product Roundups
  • Pros and cons boxes, and
  • Rating boxes

Let’s go through all the elements and different designs you can use!

Comparison tables

Good, old classic comparison tables. It’s one of the best ways to show the features of the products you’re reviewing together with a comparison. There are 8 different pre-made designs you can use:

Top 3 Boxes

If you want to make the decision easy for the visitor and increase the conversion rate, the top 3 boxes might be the right option. Instead of showing all products in the review, you show only the top 3 options.

It might increase your conversion rate. You can at least try to A/B test it against classic comparison tables. There are 4 different designs for the top 3 boxes in Affiliatable:

Product boxes

Instead of writing mini product reviews in round-up posts as a boring wall of text, you can use one of the product boxes from Affiliatable. They have 8 different designs: Review: Excellent Affiliate Plugin for Niche Sites affiliatable

Pros and cons of boxes

Are you looking for a little bit more fancy pros and cons boxes? Affiliatable has you covered. You can choose between 7 designs: Review: Excellent Affiliate Plugin for Niche Sites affiliatable

Rating boxes

This is the element for you if you want to grade individual products by features. Currently, you can choose only between 2 designs: Review: Excellent Affiliate Plugin for Niche Sites affiliatable

As you can see, these are two very different choices. The developers are actively adding new designs, too. vs. AAWP vs. TableLabs

Comparison tablesYesYesYes
Top 3 boxesYesYesNo
Product boxesYesYesNo
Pros and consYesNoNo
Rating boxesYesNoNo
ImplementationSaaSWordPress PluginSaas
Out of stock checkNoNoYes
Price (single site)Starting at $3.25/mo (Check Pricing)Starting at $4/mo (Check Pricing)Starting at $3/mo 🙁 Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful designs for conversion elements
  • Super easy to use
  • You can preview elements directly in the website app
  • All elements are responsible for all devices
  • Schema support
  • You can use other affiliate programs than Amazon
  • Great, active support and dev team
  • Reasonable price ($7.4/mo with annual plan)


  • Affiliatable doesn’t have any built-in tracking, so you still need to use another plugin or method if you want to track your clicks
  • A subscription is required to edit elements.
  • It doesn’t have support for multiple countries. It would be best if you used the default OneLink. (Unless you are subscribed to GeniusLink).

My Final Verdict: Is It Worth It? – Affiliatable Review

Affiliatable is the top choice when it comes to finding a comprehensive solution that covers tables, pros/cons boxes, and more. However, the main drawback lies in the limited customization options due to its nature as a SaaS product with all scripts hosted on a third-party server.

If you want customizability with tables specifically, then AAWP is your best bet.

For beginners, though, just getting started, Affiliatable is an excellent solution if you monetize your site via Amazon Associates and other affiliate programs.

Johnny Sebastian
Johnny Sebastian

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