AAWP Review: Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for Your Website?

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Check out the AAWP plugin to boost your Amazon affiliate website’s revenue. This powerful tool has many fantastic features and benefits.

aawp review - aawp amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

The AAWP plugin is a game-changer for affiliate marketers. By using an Ad Revenue Calculator, you can estimate the revenue boost it can provide to your website. It offers a variety of options to display Amazon products on your website, including product boxes, text links, and customizable displays. With its seamless integration with the Amazon API, you can be sure that your product information is always accurate and up-to-date. 

This review will discuss the features of the AAWP Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin and its pricing, benefits, and effective ways to maximize your affiliate earnings. Whether you are an Amazon associate program beginner or an experienced marketer, AAWP is an indispensable tool that can significantly boost your website’s revenue. It’s a must-have plugin for anyone who wants to take their affiliate marketing game to the next level.

AAWP Plugin Review: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin Features

  • Amazon Partner Networks – The plugin settings support the following Amazon Partner Networks: Germany, USA, UK, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, Spain, India, and Brazil.
  •  Tracking ID -Your tracking ID shall be deposited in the plugin settings and automatically used to generate all affiliate links. You can override the tracking ID to perform any A / B testing per shortcode.
  •  Automated Data Retrieval – Automatically retrieve product information easily through the Amazon Product Advertising API, including the product name, description, and current price. You can set the frequency of data updates, eliminating the need for manual updates. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually updating prices or product descriptions.
  •  Caching – To reduce loading times, the plugin comes with its caching functionality. After retrieving product information, they will be temporarily stored (everything except images) and delivered immediately on the next page visit. The caching duration can be adjusted via the plugin settings.
  •  Price information (privacy policy) – According to the terms and conditions of Amazon Associates, there has to be an indication of timeliness for the displayed prices. With our Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin, you can automatically display the date/time of the recent price update.
  •  Text links – Include a product name in your content with text links. The corresponding link and name are automatically generated but can be overwritten manually.
  •  AAWP Product boxes – Are you looking for a way to showcase a particular Amazon product on a post or a page? You can do so effortlessly by using a single shortcode to display one or more attractive product boxes. These boxes come with various features such as title, description, current availability and prices, discounts, and call-to-action buttons.
  •  Bestseller (lists) – One effective way to persuade your visitors to purchase is by showcasing the best-selling products within a specific product group or keyword. You can customize the list to display a particular number of products, such as top 3, top 10, or any other number. This can help provide a solid reason for visitors to buy from your website.
  •  New Releases (lists) – What about attracting your visitor’s attention towards the latest products within a specific product group? Like the bestseller lists, you can set the number rankings of the products themselves.
  •  Fields – With “Fields,” you can easily place individual product information anywhere in your posts or pages, such as the title, description, current price, or buy button. You can use these fields in your template files through the PHP functions.
  •  Widgets – To add items to your sidebar, you can use widgets with the core functionalities listed above. For more customization, place shortcodes in a text widget or Visual Composer.
  •  Different styles – From the start, you can choose between Standard, Light, and Dark. Additionally, it’s possible to customize the output via CSS. Therefore, we prepared a handy box on the plugin settings page.
  •  Titles – You can limit the number of characters appearing in the product title or determine the title itself. Additionally, you can attach extra characters (such as an asterisk*), allowing you to add a reference to affiliate links.
  •  Descriptions – Product The Amazon API provides product descriptions as a bullet list. You can adjust the total number of list items and the number of characters per line (similar to the titles). In addition, you can use a custom product description (incl. HTML formatting).
  •  Reviews – The output of the star rating and the total number of submitted reviews can be turned on/off via the plugin settings.
  •  Price – The plugin settings can hide the sales price and possible price reductions. With the price reduction, you also have the choice to display the values as a percentage or in EUR/USD, etc.
  •  Amazon Prime service – The Prime icon is next to the selling price for products that can be ordered as part of the Amazon Prime service. This feature lets you improve conversion and increase your commissions for new prime signups. However, the excellent logo can be turned off via the plugin settings.
  •  Buy now & detail buttons – The Appearance of the “Buy on Amazon” button can be customized: Choose between different styles and adjust the displayed text (changing completely or adding an asterisk *, for example). You can add a second button to the standard buy button, the “Detail Button,” which can place custom links for reviews, internal/external URLs, etc.
  •  PHP-Templating – If you want a completely different presentation of the products, you can tweak them using integrated PHP templating. This means you can still make individual and specific changes – according to your needs – to the output of product boxes, lists, and widgets.

AAWP Plugin Pros

  • Using the multiple data fields, you can create tables for product comparison.
  • Geo Target your visitors to the Amazon near them based on their location
  • It also allows you to place ads wherever you want the ads to appear on your website

AAWP Plugin Cons

  • The user interface is not beginner-friendly. You might consider familiarizing yourself first with the functions and tools of this plugin.
  • Users of this plugin need to open Amazon separately to find the products, as this plugin doesn’t have a search option.
  • It is a bit expensive for first-time users who only have one website.

Using the AAWP WordPress Plugin: How to Use AAWP

Most web hosts easily meet the plugin’s technical requirements.

  • PHP 5.3 or newer
  • MySQL 5.0.3 or newer
  • WordPress 3.4 or newer
  • PHP REST, SOAP & curl extensions installed and enabled

After activating the plugin, go to the settings page and enter your license key, which will be provided in the welcome email.

aawp plugin review

To proceed, you must connect with the “Amazon Advertising API.” If you don’t have an account, you can create one on the Amazon website. Additionally, you must sign up for Amazon Web Services to generate the API keys and have an Amazon Associates account that manages your affiliate commissions and payouts. Once you successfully connect your account, select the desired country from the dropdown menu and provide your associate’s ID. This ensures that your affiliate ID is incorporated in all outbound links, and you receive compensation for any sales you generate.

aawp review - aawp amazon affiliate plugin

Once you have connected your account, head over to the “General” tab to set some options for the plugin. Here, you can choose your preferred shortcode, specify the cache duration for pricing and information updates, and select the affiliate link you wish to use. You can choose between standard and shortened links, but the option to cloak your links is still under development and will be available soon.

aawp review - aawp amazon affiliate plugin

When creating a shortcode, you can enable SSL and AMP support. You can also select the format for displaying the last update – either the date or the date and time. If you want to include some inline information that will be included with the shortcode, you can do so using the text editor. Finally, you can turn this feature off anytime if you change your mind.

aawp review - aawp amazon affiliate plugin

There is a disclaimer area to inform visitors that the links are affiliates. You can turn off this feature if needed.

aawp review - aawp amazon affiliate plugin

To configure the Appearance of Amazon links on the front end of your website, head to the “Output” tab. Here, you can customize various options, such as the length of the title, bullet points for descriptions, HTML formatting, star ratings, pricing format, and more. This tab offers all the necessary settings to ensure your Amazon links look how you want them to.

aawp review - aawp amazon affiliate plugin

If you want to showcase an available product on Amazon Prime, you can display the Amazon Prime logo alongside it. If applicable, you can choose a button type and style for the logo. Additionally, there is room for you to include custom CSS to better align with your website’s theme.

aawp review - aawp amazon affiliate plugin

This section will review the steps to add Amazon links to your posts. To create a text link to a product, you need to find the article number (ASIN) or ISBN (for books) from the Amazon product page. To do this, visit the product on Amazon and look for a code in the URL that looks like this.

amazon affiliate product placement with aawp plugin

To post a link in a post or page, you can use the following shortcode:

[amazon link="B00THKEKEQ" /]

Convert the shortcode to a link using the Amazon item title for preview.

To add a product box to your post, you can use the following shortcode:

[amazon box="B00THKEKEQ" /]
amazon affiliate product placement with aawp plugin

If you want to display a bestseller list of products, you can use either keywords or Browse nodes. However, Browse Nodes is better as it allows you to choose the exact category. You can easily find a list of Browse nodes online. To display the list, use the given shortcode. You can also specify the number of items shown in the list.

[amazon bestseller="281052" items="2"]
amazon affiliate product placement with aawp plugin

If you want to display new releases across different categories, you can do so easily.

[amazon new="B00THKEKEQ"  items="2"/]
AAWP - different categories

You can add content using widgets. Drag the AAWP widget to your desired location, choose the type to display, and enter the ID.

amazon affiliate product placement with aawp plugin

When you take this action, the result will be visible on the front end of your website in the following manner:

sidebar aawp product placement

You can utilize the plugin’s “Fields” option to extract specific data, such as product title, price, and features, to create more intricate elements like product comparison tables.

aawp wordpress plugin comparison table example

The Best AAWP Alternative

If AAWP does not convince you, I believe Lasso is the best alternative.

You may find Lasso, a WordPress plugin, quite useful as an affiliate marketer. Unlike AAWP, it is not limited to Amazon’s associate program but can work with various other such programs. This makes it a versatile tool for marketers with websites featuring products beyond Amazon’s scope. For instance, M1 Finance’s affiliate program is unavailable on Amazon, but you can still promote it with Lasso on your website.

Why choose Lasso over AAWP?

Better Affiliate Displays = Better Conversions

Lasso enables you to generate stunning Displays, Tables, Grids, and Lists that have undergone rigorous A/B testing and demonstrated high conversion rates. They come in multiple themes and are fully customizable, allowing you to personalize them to your site’s branding.

  • Affiliate link management features
  • Broken link / Out-of-store alerts
  • No API keys are required
  • Advanced performance analytics
  • A multitude of affiliate programs besides Amazon

Sign up for Lasso or Read our GetLasso Review.

AAWP Pricing

You can find the plugin’s pricing by clicking “Pricing” on the home page. There are four different plans to choose from, including:

  • Personal €49 (has one site)
  • Plus €129 (consists of 3 sites)
  • Pro €249 (consists of 10 sites)
  • Ultimate €399 (25 sites)
AAWP Plugin Pricing

Its website lists prices in Euros from 55 USD to 473 USD. All plans include free customer support, plugin updates, and billing annually.

AAWP WordPress Plugin FAQs

Is the AAWP Amazon Affiliate Plugin Free?

No, the AAWP Amazon Affiliate Plugin is not free. It is a premium plugin that requires a purchase. You can check their official website for the current pricing details.

Can AAWP Be Used with Any Theme?

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) can be used with any WordPress theme.

Wrapping Up: AAWP Plugin For Your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Displays

Suppose you’re an Amazon affiliate looking to monetize your website through affiliate marketing. In that case, the AAWP WordPress plugin is a powerful tool to consider. This plugin can significantly optimize your Amazon affiliate website with its features and benefits, such as enhanced affiliate links and optimized product displays. So, take advantage of the opportunity to boost your earnings and provide a better user experience for your audience. Try the AAWP plugin and start maximizing your affiliate marketing potential today!

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