11 Ways To Completely Evolve Your Niche Site Into A Real Business

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No one wants to partner with a typical “affiliate” site. Authority is key to attracting links and partnerships. I cover tactics. to make your site a real business

Once a website is purchased, I dedicate time to enhancing the professionalism of my niche sites using these 11 strategies. While many of these tactics are focused on aesthetics, they emulate real-world businesses. By implementing these techniques, you establish a solid foundation that not only attracts backlinks for link-building campaigns and partnerships but also earns the trust of Google’s EEAT process.

Let’s get into it!

Real Authors (or Personas)Have real authors or consistent personas behind each article to establish trust and credibility.
Author BoxesUse author boxes to showcase credentials, promote other resources, and link to social media to appear more like a business.
Active Social MediaMaintain active social media accounts to engage with the online community and gain social proof.
Improve The FooterOptimize the footer by adding email collection, contact information, social media buttons, and links to important pages.
Add Phone Number, AddressInclude a phone number, email, and address to demonstrate that the site is a legitimate business.
Multiple Contact Information Options Based on NeedOffer different email addresses for specific purposes to enhance professionalism and convenience.
Detailed About PageCreate an in-depth About Page that covers site details, mission statement, team members, and press mentions.
News CategoryMaintain a brand assets page that showcases logo and custom designs and allows limited permissions for others to use them.
Third-Party Verified ReviewsObtain reviews from customers and external sources to showcase a reliable and reputable business.
Brand Assets PageMaintain a brand assets page that showcases logos and custom designs and allows limited permissions for others to use them.
Get a TrademarkConsider trademarking the site’s brand to add legal protection and credibility as a business.

Why Is This Important?

Making your affiliate niche site look more legitimate and professional is necessary. Other websites are more likely to link to a website that looks professional, legitimate, and focused on the brand.

They are less likely to link to an obvious “copy and paste” affiliate site format.

By implementing these steps to enhance the appearance and functionality of your niche site, you significantly increase the likelihood of securing backlinks through your outreach efforts. The acquisition of high-quality backlinks leads to greater earnings and a more lucrative website!

11 Tactics That I ALWAYS Do For Niche Sites

1. Real Authors (or Personas)

Readers desire to establish a genuine connection with the individuals responsible for the articles they consume. It becomes imperative to answer the questions of Who are you? and Who is your guest poster? to pique their interest. By presenting an authentic author or maintaining a consistent persona, you enhance your credibility as a genuine business entity rather than being perceived as just another affiliate site.

Having the ability to view the person’s face and read their biography associated with a post significantly enhances its reliability. Moreover, this presents a chance to provide Google with valuable information that enhances your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (abbreviated as EEAT) with the search engine.

2. Author Boxes

Author boxes are a major part of this strategy. This can be easily achieved by a simple WordPress plugin like Simple Author Box if your theme doesn’t already have that functionality built in.

wordpress author box

In addition to giving your niche site a professional appearance, this enables you to establish your expertise, connect with other relevant content or resources you wish to endorse, and include links to platforms such as LinkedIn or social media for your blog.

All of these are signs of a business as opposed to a one-trick pony affiliate site.

3. Active Social Media

Active social media accounts are one of the best ways for a niche site to look like a business. Not to mention gain social proof of Google. If a viewer checks out a Facebook page and the last post was 4 years ago, it looks bad.

But an active Twitter account, Pinterest, or Facebook (or whichever social media is appropriate for the niche) gives your online audience more ways to connect with the community and gives you a great resource to see what people are looking for.

11 Ways To Completely Evolve Your Niche Site Into A Real Business niche site business

Even signs of private groups or communities can work, but the key is active accounts. 

It is better to have one or two very active accounts than a dozen social media accounts with only one showing signs of life.

4. Improve The Footer

Skipping the empty footer means missing out on numerous opportunities. Many niche websites choose to overlook it as it is not a lucrative space for monetization. However, it presents a valuable chance to gather email addresses, provide contact details, link to significant pages, incorporate social media buttons, and even showcase notable sites where you have been featured, if applicable.

Take a look at the screenshot below and see how much better this filled-out footer looks:

11 Ways To Completely Evolve Your Niche Site Into A Real Business niche site business

That is the footer of a professional-looking business site that gets points with Google for EAT and social proof while collecting emails and connecting visitors to important pages and social media.

If your footer looks bare, that fix needs to be made.

5. Add Phone Number, Address

Contact information is necessary if you want to be seen as a business. This includes having a phone number, email, and address. This information signals to Google that this site is a real business.

It’s also very reassuring to readers who like combing the fine details before making buying decisions.

Here is what I do:

  • Phone number: I use NumberBarn.com service to rent a phone number in the U.S. The cost is about $3/month. I use Fiverr voice artists to record a voicemail, which gets added to the NumberBarn phone number. When someone calls (if they call), the voicemail gets played.
  • Address: I use a UPS P.O. box. Depending on your location, the cost is about $200-$350/year. I only add an address to my successful sites as it may be cost-prohibitive otherwise.
  • Email address: You can create an email address using Google Suites or your hosting provider.

6. Multiple Contact Information Options Based on Need

11 Ways To Completely Evolve Your Niche Site Into A Real Business niche site business

The above screenshot is an excellent example of having multiple email addresses. This gives a very professional local and is common practice for many companies. Many professional email packages come with multiple addresses. 

Having a different email address for media, advertising, general information, or sales makes sense and looks extremely trustworthy and professional. You can even set up all these addresses to funnel to the same email box for easy management.

7. Detailed About Page

A brief two paragraphs will not cut it for a good About Page. Many niche sites have just 3-4 basic sentences about the website that doesn’t tell much.

A detailed About Page should include:

  • Who’s behind the site?
  • Mentions in the press
  • An in-depth look at what your site’s about and what topics are covered
  • A clear mission statement
  • Recent company/site news
  • Team Members (Editors, Writers, Experts)

You don’t want an About Page that glosses over all these details in a sentence or two. This should be a full deep dive available for anyone who wants to know what your site/business is about. 

8. News Category

A news category builds credibility for your site as a business. Not only is news a category that commonly only exists on active company sites, but it also allows for great content that is not necessarily purely keyword-based.

This alone will set you apart from many poorly put-together niche sites.

Having articles on related topics or with professionals in your field for your news articles also has the benefit of adding some serious EAT in the eyes of Google, not to mention content that is easier to gain attention via social media.

Having a news category is also a great excuse to reach out and make contacts and connections. This is good EAT, good for SEO, and just good for business.

11 Ways To Completely Evolve Your Niche Site Into A Real Business niche site business

9. Third-Party Verified Reviews

Do you offer direct products or services? Does one of your monetization methods lean into being able to get reviews? Giving away a free newsletter or email lessons can give others something to review.

Getting 3rd party reviews sets you apart as an actual business with customers who think enough of you to review your products and/or services.

Obviously, good reviews are much better than bad ones, but the occasional average review shouldn’t be shunned. 30 perfect reviews look suspicious. 28 perfect reviews with 2 average ones. It looks like a great, reliable company.

11 Ways To Completely Evolve Your Niche Site Into A Real Business niche site business

The best sites to acquire these 3rd party reviews depend greatly on your site and business. There are several to look at, including Trust Pilot, Google Local, and Facebook Reviews. Many others can also work based on niche.

Get some reviews so that when someone searches your brand, actual trusted review site names come up.

10. Brand Assets Page

A brand assets page is often overlooked and can do some significant things. This shows you care about your logo and custom designs while also giving limited permissions for others to use your logos or art in a way that can get your attention.

This is an essential legal page that many legitimate businesses have, and Google may value it when crawling sites.

11 Ways To Completely Evolve Your Niche Site Into A Real Business niche site business

Something as simple as the screenshot above shows what a good brand assets page can look like. Check out my brand asset page here.

11. Get a Trademark

Obtaining a trademark for your website’s brand is a wise decision that provides both legal protection and enhances your business reputation. When businesses acquire logos, they typically seek trademark registration to safeguard their name, logo, and overall brand. By obtaining a trademark, you ensure protection for your intellectual property.

Final Word…

There are other tactics I always use to shift from an obvious niche website to an online business. They apply to every site, make it look more professional, and provide great SEO & EEAT benefits.

I would highly recommend applying these to your niche sites, as well.

Johnny Sebastian
Johnny Sebastian

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