What are Navigation Menus in WordPress? How to Add Navigation Menus

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Creating Customizable Menus in WordPress

Within the WordPress platform, the feature known as Menus provides a straightforward way for users to craft their own navigation menus. This is made possible through the intuitive Menu Editor found within the WordPress dashboard, specifically under Appearance » Menus.

These navigational menus empower website designers to offer their users the ability to tailor menus to their liking. By default, these menus will enumerate the Pages currently available on WordPress. However, WordPress’s flexibility shines through its support for numerous menus, enabling themes to facilitate various navigational structures such as those found in headers or footers. Through a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can incorporate posts, pages, and even custom URLs into their menus. Moreover, it’s possible to personalize the visual style of these menus by assigning CSS classes to individual menu items.

Crafting and Modifying Navigation Menus

Widgets also serve as a handy tool for displaying these custom menus in various sections of a WordPress site, including sidebars and footers.

Enhancing Menus with WordPress Features

For those looking to further customize their menus, WordPress offers hooks and filters that can be used to add items to menus automatically and dynamically.

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