What is Press This tool in WordPress?

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Introducing the ‘Press This’ Bookmarklet

Discover the convenience of ‘Press This,’ a unique bookmarklet designed for browsers. Effortlessly drag this tool to your bookmark bar, and it becomes a swift way to share your thoughts and links to fascinating articles or websites you come across. With a simple click from your bookmark bar, you can instantly create a post about the page you’re exploring.

Setting Up ‘Press This’ in Your Browser

To integrate ‘Press This’ into your browser, navigate to the Tools » Available Tools section within your WordPress control panel. There, you’ll find the option to pull the ‘Press This’ icon up to your toolbar. Remember, this tool links directly to the blog from which it was set up. For those managing multiple WordPress sites, you’ll need to install a separate ‘Press This’ for each one. You can also rename each bookmarklet for easy identification of the associated blog.

How to Use ‘Press This’ Effectively

After adding ‘Press This’ to your browser, ensure you’re signed into your WordPress account. Should you stumble upon a webpage ripe for sharing, highlight the text you wish to feature. Clicking ‘Press This’ will then open a streamlined post editor, pre-filled with the webpage’s title and your selected text.

Enhancing Your Posts with Media

Enhance your posts by incorporating images directly from the source page using the ‘Add Media’ feature. ‘Press This’ also conveniently appends a citation link to your post, crediting the original content.