What is footer in WordPress? How to Change the Footer in WordPress

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In web design, the lowermost part of a webpage is often referred to as the Base Section or Footer. This section usually contains elements like copyright statements, links to legal policies, acknowledgments, and similar information. It may also include scripts and code that a WordPress theme creator may choose to add after the main content is loaded on the page.

When crafting a WordPress theme, the base section is often delineated within the footer.php template file. Certain themes offer a widget-ready area within this section, complete with multiple columns for the addition of WordPress widgets.

The base section on a website is usually consistent throughout and contains elements that apply to the entire site, rather than individual pages. However, with HTML5, the definition of base section and top section has expanded. HTML5’s semantic approach allows for the use of the footer element within specific sections of a webpage, not just at the end. This means there can be multiple top sections and base sections within one page. But, when we talk about the base section on WP Think, we are referring to the uniform section at the bottom of the webpage that is present on every page. This aligns with the common understanding in the WordPress community, where sites usually have a single head and base section.

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